Hi! Welcome to my website! It is a work in progress, so please check in frequently. You might find my blog of interest, entitled “Healing The Self”, although it is not currently being updated.  

My client base has spread completely by word of mouth; so after 30 years there are many telephone clients who have never met me, and know very little about me. This website can help to fill in some of those gaps.

My practice in the art and science of healing has expanded greatly over the years. I began as a Doctor of Chiropractic, addressing structural, chemical, and lifestyle needs of the body, and helping to support it in doing what comes naturally. Through the tool of muscle testing (an offshoot of Applied Kinesiology), I quickly learned from my clients’ bodies that they wanted to address many topics that affected their health, in addition to those in which I was trained. I became a detective of sorts, gathering information about each body’s specific needs, and verbalizing it, so that the clients could learn what their bodies had to say. I began to call myself a Health Consultant, and worked to enhance the conscious communication between body, mind, emotions, soul, and spirit of each person who came to see me.

I now think of myself as an Intuitive Counselor, assisting others to become happier in their bodies and in their lives. It is my belief that we are all spiritual beings, exploring and learning from life in these physical bodies. This approach allows access to any area of life that affects a person’s health and well being. During office sessions and telephone sessions, we are able to address physical symptoms and problems, chemical imbalances, emotional blockages, energetic issues, spiritual needs, lifestyle choices, relationship challenges, and more.  My primary intention is always to empower each person to learn how to listen, connect, honor, and heal his or her own body. I provide assistance, ideas, and support; yet all healing is ultimately done by the individual’s own body.

I practice what I preach, and implement what I teach. I do my best to listen to and follow the inner wisdom of my body. My life path has been one of exploration, experimentation, learning, clear communication, and trust in the body’s ability to heal. The miracle of our bodies is ever-present in my consciousness, and I delight in helping others learn to become more fully present in their bodies, as well as more appreciative of the gift of life in human form.

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