I have felt a strong connection with the natural world since I was a young child, and was fascinated by each ant, bee, bird or tree. My appreciation for each form of life was reinforced by my family’s love of nature, and by their deep faith in the divinity within each person, animal, and plant. The youngest of five children, I was raised in the traditions of Lutheran Christianity, and immersed in a field of love and compassion for others.img0069

I first became aware of the amazing healing abilities of bodies when, as a child, injuries would heal rapidly, sometimes accompanied by a sensation of a flash of light in the area. It became normal for me to put my hands where my body hurt, and let the body correct itself. As a teen, my cat taught me to pay more attention to healing energies, by moving her body into my hands in just the right way until I felt an energetic current between her body and my hands. When I began to massage sore muscles of family members and friends in high school, my fingers seemed to know how to move and what to do to release the tensions.

In college at Wesleyan University I started out studying math, then French, and ended up with a major in modern dance and theater. My family pattern was to attend graduate school, so it seemed most fulfilling to enjoy the college years doing creative, fun activities. Dance provided me with a physical joy that I had not experienced before, and it opened my eyes to the magic of expressive movement within the body.

After a few years of dancing and exploring body-healing modalities of interest, I was hired to be the receptionist/assistant to a Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr Steve Tolen, in Chapel Hill, NC. Both he and the Chiropractor in the adjoining office suite, Dr Walter Schmitt, Jr, were practitioners of Applied Kinesiology, and I became instantly fascinated with it and determined to learn more. I attended AK workshops, and enrolled in the pre-requisite courses needed to attend chiropractic graduate school. I then studied at Northwestern College of Chiropractic (now Northwestern Health Sciences University) in Bloomington, MN, and graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic in 1987.

I moved to Vermont in 1988, and worked as a Chiropractic Physician (a primary health care provider in Vermont) and as a teacher to my clients until 1994. I then shifted my title to that of Health Consultant, addressing the needs of the body on all levels of the being, and I encouraged clients to learn to care for themselves more consciously. I gradually developed a secondary practice as a Health Intuitive, working over the telephone with people around the US and elsewhere. I now work as an Intuitive Counselor, in person and at a distance, and continue to teach classes that share what I have learned about bodies. I am decreasing my one-on-one practices so that I have more time and energy to teach locally, to travel and teach, and to write.