March 11, 2016: Video Classes Available for Purchase

I’m excited about 3 video classes that are now up and running on this site! They had been posted on a private YouTube channel since their completion, and finally we have given them a page on this website, with links to purchase them online through PayPal. They have been viewed on numerous devices, and they seem to be functioning correctly.

The three classes were presented and recorded in front of live audiences in October, November, and December of 2012. Friends and clients assisted me in the process, we used the local cable TV stations’ cameras and editing equipment, and learned about timing, lighting, sound, and editing as we went. They are a labor of love by many individuals; and although they were not made by professionals, I am still very proud of each of these videos.

Watching these videos enables you to take a class with me without us having to be in the same room; and you can watch it, stop it, and start it as many times as you want. In-class practice sessions were edited out of the videos, so make sure to use the ‘Pause’ feature to practice on your own whenever you want.

Even though the classes were presented some years ago, the information is still appropriate, accessible, and helpful. Click on this link to check them out!


March 11, 2016