September 9, 2013: Union of Body and Soul

When working with clients, a common first priority for the body is to identify and then correct the soul’s lack of presence in the physical form.  It had never occurred to me that a body might not be fully infused by its resident soul, so when this first came to my attention I was unsure what to do. I learned over time that a soul may partially detach from its body due to extreme pain or trauma, ongoing abuse by others or by the self, or long-term hopelessness. The soul may be merged with much of the body, yet may not inhabit a specific area of chronic illness or pain; it may be off to one side of the entire body; or it may be floating above the body and hanging on “by a thread”.

This separation of the soul from its body often results in symptoms that worsen the individual’s problems. The immune system response is decreased, and healing time is slowed; depression and confusion are deepened, so the person may have little desire to be alive; anxiety may become extreme as the body realizes it is without its soul support; addictions may take over and rule the life choices made; and every activity in the outer world may drain what little vitality remains, causing the person to become increasingly home-bound.

To correct this separation, it is important to communicate with both body and soul. Ask questions, and open a dialogue to enhance understanding. When did the soul separate out? What caused it to distance itself from its body?  Is there any current cause? Invite the soul to come back in, to fully merge within all borders of the physical body.  Ask how to help the soul be happier in its body. Does it need to express itself in some way, through creativity, art, music, or movement? Does some toxin or poison need to be cleared from specific organs of the body? Do some emotions need to be accepted, honored, expressed and released? Would imagery, affirmations, prayer, or centering exercises be helpful?

Once the information has been gathered, keep the lines of communication open between body and soul, so that the connection can continue to expand. Envision the soul energy filling every structure, organ, tissue and cell of the body. You might see a specific shade of color that represents your soul vibration. Enhance it, imagine it becoming brighter, filling not only the body but the energy field around the body as well. As the body and soul unify, healing increases, clarity returns, ease is established, and a healthy self-awareness takes place. With the union of body and soul, wholeness and wellbeing lead to true freedom, harmony, and peace.

September 9, 2013