January 27, 2017: The Vibration of LOVE

Last July 2016 I received guidance that stated that “the vibration of LOVE exists everywhere in your universe, and is the only vibration that exists. Your Earth is the exception, on which vibrations other than LOVE are the norm.” ¬†On our planet, the vibration was only 7% LOVE, and the other 93% was a mixture of about 30 differing vibrations that are the result of being separate from the vibration of LOVE. The LOVE they referred to is not a human emotion. It is a frequency, a sensation, an essence, and a way of being. The word was described as one that encompasses many other words, such as peace, harmony, wholeness, beauty, creativity, abundance, acceptance, tranquility, and cooperation. Nature still embodies the vibration of LOVE on Earth, so being ‘one with Nature’ results in being infused with LOVE.

Many of us on Earth have been separated from the vibration of LOVE and the oneness of all life. It may have been due to early traumas, or to an unconscious imitation of authority figures, or even to choosing it intentionally through free will. We have been taught and programmed that we are each alone, and that we are not connected with others except through the ‘coincidence’ of birth, family, school, community, workplace,¬†culture, and country. The politicians and media often tell us that ‘we’ are different from ‘them’, that there are ‘good guys’ and ‘bad guys’, that some of us on the planet and in this country are better, smarter, more deserving, more moral, or more superior than others. We planetary humans have been divided and conquered by those in power. The result is separation, loneliness, suffering, addiction, poverty, cruelty, violence, greed, and never-ending war.

The good news from my guidance is that the vibration of LOVE is expanding on Earth, and rapidly! By late November 2016, the vibration of LOVE was up to 10% on the planet (an increase of 3% in only 4 months). People all over the world are becoming aware that they yearn for LOVE. They are making new choices in their lives so that they experience LOVE within themselves and around them. The more LOVE they feel, give, and receive, the more it spreads. Let’s each further that trend, so together we can change our lives for the better and reunite our planet with the universal vibration of LOVE!


January 27, 2017