October 26, 2013: The Divine Feminine

Since my return from the trip to Lourdes, I have been deepening my connections with the divine feminine. In the past, I had felt the presence of gentle, loving, nurturing beings of light, who only occasionally identified themselves to me by name. Recently, however, a team of beings keeps showing up, claiming to be Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Quan Yin, and Lakshmi. They tell me that they would like to be with me, 24/7, for the next three months, until roughly the end of January 2014. They will keep me company, immerse me with their light and love, and assist me in my own healing.

It is a good time of year in Vermont to be more inward in my focus. I have no travel plans, and the onset of winter is supportive of slowing down, being less active in the outer world, and creating cozy areas in the home to be comfortable and warm. I now spend time throughout the day, consciously sensing their presence and work.

Listening to their guidance is helping me to identify and release old emotions and beliefs that no longer serve me. I have been inviting them to simply remove the unhealthy patterns. I do not need to know the stories behind the blockages, such as who was involved, or what happened to cause the issues. I simply let go, trusting that as I let go, new life and energy can enter my cells. If the beings show me an image to hold in my mind, I do so.  If they suggest that I rest several times a day, I do so. If they guide me to go out in nature, I do so. I frequently affirm to them and to myself that I choose to change, to grow, and to allow my body to reclaim its natural vitality and good health. I choose to become happier with every day; I choose to open my mind to more joy in life and more passion for life in a human body.

I feel held by these beings, and as they hold me, old sorrows are washed away. Their love fills me with peace.

October 26, 2013