February 20, 2017: The Balance of ‘Being LOVE’ and Doing Life

It has been interesting practicing ‘being LOVE’ (see past 3 blog posts) while living daily life in which many things need to get ‘done’. Some days I have not made time for my body realignment and relaxation poses during which I ‘receive LOVE’, thinking that there is too much I ‘need to do’, and that I ‘don’t have time’ for that. It takes only 20 minutes in the morning, and 20 minutes more in the evening, yet when I skip those sessions, I notice that the quality of the day’s or evening’s activities is much lower, and the choices I make on those days or evenings often do not serve me well.

So through the ‘trial and error’ of personal experience (often the best way to learn something), I am becoming more aware that my body-mind truly needs that time of receiving, to bathe in and be infused with LOVE. I have found that simply ‘opening to receive LOVE’ while I sip my morning miso broth or herbal tea centers me, even if I skip my morning poses. As I accomplish one task after another throughout the day, I stop for a few minutes after each task, appreciate what just got taken care of, breathe, open, receive, and bask in the harmony that fills me. I thank my mind, my hands, and my body, grateful for the life I have in this body; and just ‘am’ for another few moments or minutes. I then move on to the next task. In the evening I again open to receive while doing the realigning and relaxing poses, or at the very least, I receive as I am relaxing in bed. Sleep is much better as a result.

Learning a new skill is a progression, and at first I questioned whether I could ever truly learn to ‘receive and be LOVE’ outside of my one-on-one client work. Now it is beginning to feel more natural, and does not take as much of a conscious effort. Practice is what grooves a new pattern, so I plan to continue to receive and be LOVE!


February 20, 2017