September 25, 2013: Teaching

I love teaching! I use the term loosely, because it does not resemble the way that any of my past teachers taught. I am inspired as I share the material, and see the faces of those present light up in response.

Each class is infused with Spirit from start to finish. The invisible ones who guide me in my healing work suggest topics to me. I sit down with pen and paper, invite them to be with me, and we develop an overview of the topic chosen and ways to present it. I fill in the points that I want to make, and they offer other ideas that expand my perspectives. I then let it sit for a few days, and notice that some part of my consciousness is continuing to explore the class plan. My guides and I add in phrases or ideas that come during dreamtime or in meditation, until the class is considered prepared and ready to be offered.

Once dates, times, and locations have been chosen, and people have signed up to attend, I tune in again with the beings of light. I imagine myself in the place at the agreed upon time, with the people in the room, speaking about the topic chosen. New suggestions then arise to help me align the information with the individuals who will be present, and minor alterations in the class format are made. I receive ideas about specific objects or images to share with the class; am told to bring and play certain bells or chimes to set the vibrational tone of the room; am guided to select the clothing, colors and accessories to wear for the class; and am shown which stones to bring to help ground or expand the participants’ energies.

When the class actually takes place, it ends up feeling free and easy to me, with a natural order and flow that gently opens those present to a new awareness of who they truly are, and how they can assist their body in healing. What a delight it is for me to have the honor of assisting in their growth and empowerment!

September 25, 2013