September 5, 2013: Shaping Life With Intention

While planning some trips recently, for business and for pleasure, I realized that travel is a perfect example of how we can create our lives to meet our needs. Our jobs may require us to work as many as 50 weeks of the year, yet when it comes time to plan a trip, we access the creator within. It does not matter if we are going to visit our extended family for the holidays, taking a weekend getaway with our spouse, or going on a vacation to a new destination.

We first make the choice that we are going to leave our routine and have some different experiences. We look at our calendars and get a feel for which dates might fit the plan. We may explore travel options to determine if driving, taking a bus or train, or flying is best. We consider how long we can be gone, and what must be done to make sure the house, animals, or plants are taken care of in our absence. We usually have to sit with the information for days or weeks, allowing the ideas to gel, the various considerations to rise up slowly, and the clarity to emerge. Then we can act, officially getting time off work, setting aside the dates on the calendar, making the reservations needed, lining up the cat-sitter, and notifying whomever we will be visiting.

Once those details are put into place, we begin to imagine ourselves there, picturing the weather, the people we will see, and the activities that might be enjoyable. We can pack our clothes and personal items based on those images and information. We can emotionally support ourselves for the trip by envisioning ourselves filled with relaxation and peace in each segment of the trip, handling each new circumstance and situation with ease.

As the trip actually unfolds, we can then honor our many choices that led to this set of experiences. It is not our usual day in life, and yet here we are, doing and seeing things out of the ordinary! We have successfully created a trip into a different reality, and can appreciate the fruits of our labors. We have taken another step along the path of becoming the creators of our lives, shaping our life with intention!

September 5, 2013