August 15, 2013: Reclaiming Authority in Life

Clients often express to me that they feel helpless in dealing with various life situations. They feel trapped by circumstances, whether at work, at home, with parents or children, or in in the world. They feel easily overwhelmed, and their sense of being a victim of some person or situation is reflected in their poor health.

It is important to know that each of us is actually in charge of our life. If life is not to our liking, then we must make new choices. We may be tempted to make some dramatic change, like the child who decides he is going to run away from home, or the adult who sees divorce as the only course of action. However, the most effective path to empowerment is through a series of many small choices, made with awareness. If we pay attention to the voice of wisdom within us, we may hear “I don’t feel well when I eat this, and then I get easily irritated”, or “I wish I could get outside more instead of being stuck in this windowless office”, or “I hate what this stressful job does to me”. As we acknowledge the messages heard, we can then make different choices that support our true needs better. We can drink more water to wash out the inflammation; stop eating the offending food; go outside for 10 minutes at lunchtime; and learn ways of decreasing the effects of stress.

As we learn to be more in tune with our inner wisdom, the sense of being a victim slowly disappears. When we make choices that benefit our body, mind, and spirit, it helps us flow better in our life, whether at work, at home, or in our relations with others. Notice how your body feels, how your emotions shift, and how your life runs more smoothly as you reclaim your authority in your life!

August 15, 2013