October 3, 2013: Pilgrimage to Lourdes

I am about to embark on an adventure that has been instigated, guided and supported by my connections with Spirit. I am flying to Barcelona, Spain, and then on to Lourdes, France, to immerse myself in ‘the consciousness of miracles’. Lourdes is a pilgrimage destination for many devout Catholics, who want to visit the site where a beautiful lady of light (said to be Mother Mary) appeared to a young peasant girl in 1858. The book and movie, The Song of Bernadette, are based on that story.

I am not Catholic. I did read the book as a youth, since I was very drawn to stories of people who had visions and who, through their deep faith, won the support of others to their cause (this girl, Bernadette Soubirous; Joan of Arc; Francis of Assisi). Yet that book was not even a conscious memory for me when I was told by a telephone client in 2012 that she was going to travel to Lourdes in October of 2012. What intrigued me was that in our sessions together, I sensed deep shifts in her physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing after her trip, when compared to prior to the trip. Those beneficial changes continued to expand her over the next many months as she opened willingly to messages from Mother Mary. She also is not Catholic. She let me know in the early summer of this year that the woman who had led her group to Lourdes, Karin Chesley, was planning another trip for this October; she gave me her website information, www.EmpowerYourHeart.com, in case I was interested.

The inner voice of wisdom that guides me advised me repeatedly to join the group, spending one week in Lourdes, plus a few more days in rural southern France near the Pyrenees. I was told to seek out “sacred waters” that hold the ability to cleanse, purify, transform, and nourish the divine light body within the human body. I was also told to search for the presence of the divine feminine wherever I travelled, regardless of religious traditions, dogma, and names ascribed to the presence.

It was a bit of a challenge to create a trip that matches those directions, and now I am putting the ball back in the court of Spirit, hoping that all will come about in the best possible way! Stay tuned for the next episode in this journey!

October 3, 2013