October 12, 2013: Pilgrimage to Lourdes, #2

Today the week in Lourdes came to an end, and I have experienced firsthand the sacred waters, the divine feminine, and the consciousness of miracles! It was an amazing journey, shared with the wonderful people of our small tour group. We were all there seeking something unique, not confined to any Catholic traditions or prayers. We each felt the light within us expand, and we witnessed each other opening to a deeper connection with Spirit.

We drank from the faucets that provide cold, clear water from the sacred spring that The Lady of Lourdes told Bernadette to dig out. It was delicious and refreshing, reminding me of our excellent spring water back home in Vermont! It was a delightful gift from the Earth, and it freed us from the usual need while travelling to purchase bottled water. We had the opportunity to bathe in that same cold clear water (53 degrees) in the Healing Baths on the Lourdes Sanctuary grounds. I did it seven times, and while my body’s initial experience was of unreasoning terror at being immersed in the waters, each bath brought in turn, relief, laughter, tears of joy, freedom, delight, and finally, ecstasy! I had set different intentions for each bath, and felt strongly that those intentions were honored and met. I truly felt cleansed, purified, transformed and nourished by those sacred waters! My prayers opened within me a feeling of Oneness with the divine feminine, and I sense the protection and love from those sources much more than in the past.

I have never before gone on any type of spiritual pilgrimage, and now I want to do more! It was a pleasure to have the only goal for that week to be an opening to Spirit. There were no tasks to accomplish, no interruptions that brought me down, and no people whose vibrations were in opposition to that goal. Everyone who was there, from all over the world, was intentionally connecting with the Divine in their lives. I could see and feel the good hearts in all of our fellow pilgrims, and their faith resonated easily with my faith in a greater consciousness. Many were confined to wheelchairs, most walked, and it was a rare treat to join them in the nightly outdoor procession by candlelight as they sang hymns of praise and said the “Hail Mary” in multiple languages. It was a beautiful way in which to experience Spirit in the world!

October 12, 2013