June 30, 2013: Nourishing the Soul

Bodies have taught me that their inhabiting souls need to be nourished frequently. Just as nutritious foods and drinks feed our physical organs and structures, a well-nourished soul creates a harmonious energy flow within the body. Happy souls help bodies to be healthy, easily releasing toxins, emotions, stresses, and energetic interference patterns through the eliminative organs and systems, and through the energy field. Any degree of separation from the soul, or any denial of its needs, seems to result in dis-ease in our bodies.

Some people follow their hearts and souls easily, immersed daily in the abundant joyous world they have created for themselves. Other people have no awareness of their souls, and exist in a mundane world endlessly taking care of tasks, duties, and demands of life. Those who have been ill often begin to feel a deeper yearning for a different way of life, a different attitude, something that will bring a sense of fulfillment. Illness and injury can be great teachers, forcing us to look closely at our choices and our lives.

How can you nourish your soul? The first step is to accept that it exists even if you are not consciously aware of it! Then, remember back to what used to bring you JOY, even when you were a child.  What did you do when you got excited? Would your body hop up and down? Would you giggle and laugh? Would you dance? Did you enjoy coloring, or playing outside, or singing? Did you like to be with your dog, or cat, or with friends, or family? As you grew older, what did you love to do after school, or on weekends? What did you dream of being and doing as an adult?  The soul’s needs are usually quite simple, and yet bring powerful results. When the soul is fulfilled, physical symptoms do not seem as important. The more the soul is nourished, the better the person feels, because harmony and peace are being re-established within the body.

Yesterday I set aside a few hours to “play” so my soul could be nourished. I asked my soul to guide me in all of my actions, and what fun I had! I went for a walk around the village, taking in the beauty of a sunny summer day in Vermont. I stretched out on a balance ball, and let my body lead my movements. I sat at the piano and invited my fingers and soul to create some improvisational music; and then did the same at the drum set. Those few hours were like a vacation from my life, and I felt relaxed and peaceful as I went to sleep.

Listen to your soul and invite it to guide you in your health, wellbeing, and life choices! You will be rewarded with more feelings of harmony, peace, easy laughter, expanding love, relaxation, excitement, and joy.

June 30, 2013