December 5, 2013: Message from White Birch Trees

The other day I was driving north to spend time with my grown children for a late Thanksgiving visit. It was a beautiful day, and I was enjoying the glory of the blue skies and sunlight reflecting off of the trees and earth. My attention kept being drawn to the white trunks of birch trees, whether singly or in groups. At one point I blurted out, “Birch trees, you are shining with light today! I keep noticing you. Is there any message you have for me?” A little to my surprise, the response was “Yes, we’ve been hoping you would ask!”

I made sure that the road ahead was clear for easy driving, and then opened to receive the message. “You need to intertwine your roots with your children’s roots. They came through your body, and they need to feel your roots with theirs. The trunk of your son’s tree body would be off to your right, and your daughter’s would be off to your left. See their roots and your roots intermingled, yet each is free to search out new directions to grow and gather in nutrients needed. You three are a grove. Be aware that anything that feeds and nourishes you, whatever its source, benefits your children. Similarly, anything that brings life and joy to your children also benefits you. Let yourself feel your deep connections with them, and allow your roots to provide for each other.”

For the remainder of the drive, I played with that information. It made me smile, and my body liked the imagined feel of roots intertwined. The visit that day was a delight! As we walked through town in the crisp wintry sunlit air, my right arm held my son’s arm close to my side, and my left arm swung hand-in-hand with my daughter’s. I was filled with joy as we walked, talked, smiled, and laughed together. It was as the white birch trees had said! I sent many heartfelt thanks to them for their message to me.  It is good to be part of a grove!

December 5, 2013