May 8, 2020: An Open Letter To My Precious Clients

I am writing to say that my guidance has led me to see clearly that it is my time to retire from working with you. I have spent the last 33 years assisting you and others in healing yourselves, and those of you that have still been relying on me are now to be released to your own internal wisdom and that of Spirit (with its many names and faces).

I assume that you also have local practitioners, and perhaps intuitive helpers, whom you can ask for assistance. Between your own inner guidance, Spirit’s guidance, and that of your local practitioners, I trust that you are in good hands!

Whether we spoke one time or many times, I thank you for my many years of telephone and office consultations, and for your trust, appreciation, and laughter. Please continue to expand into your true selves; honor your bodies, beings, and lives; and co-create your best possible futures on this planet and elsewhere. Be the shining lights that you are!

I will miss speaking with each of you, tuning in to that deeper level of truth for you, and helping to support you in your healing journeys. Thank you again for all that you have done for me over these years, and for all that I have learned from each of you as individuals. I treasure our work together, and am so happy to have been able to assist you.

I send all the best to each of you, with deep gratitude and love.