August 8, 2013: Lightening Your Load

We have all been taught to acquire things – numerous things – and those things can both be of help to us in our daily life, and also can weigh us down. I was trained to keep useful, practical items, “just in case” I needed them. I also love books, and have gathered many wonderful books filled with excellent stories, information, and different perspectives on life. When it came time to move to another house in May 2012, I realized that I needed to lighten my material load! I sold and gave away a few items, but was unwilling to toss the rest of it. As a result, we moved to our new rental house with the rest of our belongings. We gradually settled into the new space, and found that we had far too many boxes filled with objects that were not really needed or used.

Since then I have been slowly allowing myself to question, “What is it that I truly need in this time in my life?” My inner wisdom gives me images of a small, cozy place to live, with only the essentials around me, those that reflect my true self. How do I get from here, now, to that future possibility? My guidance has directed me to choose some small box or stack of books every few weeks or so, and ask which of the items resonate with the person I am becoming? I envision where and how I can use or enjoy the items chosen, and the rest I set aside in one hallway in the house designated for ‘out-going’ objects. I do not like to throw away perfectly good things, so during the in-between weeks I consider what to do with those out-going items – can they be sold? gifted to a family member or friend? donated to a thrift shop? taken to the recycling center? The piles become differentiated, and when I am ready to act, I know exactly which items are to go where.

Granted, it is a slow process this way. Yet, with any busy life, it is often difficult to tackle such a task in any other way. I have more understanding now of people who are called “hoarders”, and I am also clarifying what is important to me. I am accepting that my past has brought me to where and who I am now, and I no longer need to carry with me all of the objects that were part of that past. It brings me great relief and joy each time I lighten my load!

August 8, 2013