August 21, 2013: Honoring The Self

We have all been hurt by life, and made to feel at times that we are ugly, unworthy, unlovable, or many other negative thoughts.  Some people recover from those experiences by becoming the bully, using bravado and willpower to be top dog. Some people patch themselves together as best they can, surviving by living small lives filled with doubt, fear, and limitation. Some people search to heal themselves in every way they can. Some people turn to religion for solace. Some people turn to alcohol, drugs, and other addictions to escape their feelings.

Regardless of the paths you have taken, it is essential to honor yourself! If you are alive, then you made it through whatever you experienced until now. Congratulate yourself! It is not an easy world to live in, so be sincere in your congratulations. Take a look at what you have learned. What choices have you made that were different from your parents, or from your friends? What priorities have you chosen that feel right to you? Thank your inner knowing for helping you to understand that you needed to make those choices and priorities. Consider your relationships: what you believe is important in how you show love to others, and how you receive it; how you express yourself verbally, through touch, and through daily activities of life.

The more conscious you can become of your unique way of being embodied, the more accepting you will be of yourself. Acceptance leads to understanding, which then allows gentleness, patience, humor, and appreciation to emerge. Once you truly appreciate who you have become, in spite of or because of your past, then you are well on your way to becoming who you came here to be. Honor yourself, every step of the way!

August 21, 2013