November 20, 2013: Happiness

A few months ago, my body wisdom told me that I needed to increase my happiness in life. I was a bit surprised, and upon asking for more details, was told that my heart was only at a 4 out of 10 in experiencing the amount of happiness it desired (where 10 out of 10 is fully happy). It feels happiest when I am with my loved ones, when assisting my clients, and when I am being creative in my body. The rest of the time it moves through a range of feelings from quiet contentment to irritation to outright stress with its flight-or-fight response.

That information made me be much more present in my body, paying attention to my heart and to my emotions in a new way. I began to see just how accurate my body wisdom was. This new awareness led me to make different choices in my life so that my heart field could lighten up. I pictured my heart opening like a flower to the sunlight, receiving love from family, friends, clients, and nature; then spreading it out to my body with every beat of my heart. I began to recognize when stressors were affecting me, and chose to laugh at myself and at the situations, instead of to criticize. I set aside much more time for relaxation, rest and fun. The trip to Lourdes helped immensely by immersing me in a different world, free of all usual habits and patterns. Since my return home, I have been consciously choosing what to do in each segment of time in my day, also choosing how I would like to feel. Esther Hick’s ‘Abraham’ calls this technique “segment intending”, and it has been a useful approach for me for the past 10 years. This current phase of applying it to my life has focused on choosing to feel happy as I take care of the tasks of daily life.

Now my heart says it is at a 7 out of 10, and I do feel much lighter and more ready to laugh! I look forward to the rest of this process of learning to open to happiness!

November 20, 2013