September 17, 2013: Going On The Road

I recently returned from a series of wonderful experiences that took place because I travelled to Annapolis, Maryland to teach classes and to do in-person sessions. “Chesapeake Holistic Health Center” hosted me, and we worked with “Shakti Studio” next door as the class site, with both places spreading the word to their clients through emails and posters that I would be coming.

It is a joy for me to be able to offer my skill, knowledge, and gifts to people who might have only worked with me over the telephone, may have seen me once or twice in person, or might never have met me before! Although I scheduled longer working days than usual, the excitement I felt and the appreciation I received easily carried me through the planned events.

Normal everyday life has its share of tasks that must be done, yet on a trip such as this, my focus is clear, totally on being present, and responding to each person’s or each group’s needs. I bask in the amazing opportunity to simply be myself, and to share what I have learned in my 26 years as a health care practitioner, and my 58 years of life. I am very grateful for this gift! I look forward to future travels similar to this, whether to Maryland or to other places. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in hosting this type of event.

September 17, 2013