February 3, 2017: Expanding LOVE on our Earth

My guides told me that the more each one of us humans chooses to bring the vibration of LOVE into our hearts, minds, bodies, and lives, the more quickly and easily its presence expands all over the Earth. They asked that we “connect with 12 archangels” who want to help us, so that each choice we make is magnified a thousand-fold. The archangels were not named, simply referenced as a group of Beings of Light who desire the maturation of human consciousness, and the resulting vibrational shifts within us, between us, and on the planet. They assist when called upon, and only then, so we humans must ask for their assistance if we wish it.

Expanding into LOVE, and anchoring its vibration within each of our bodies brings renewed joy in life and confidence in ourselves. Many people are asking: “What can I do to change the world for the better? I am only one person, and I often feel helpless in the face of so many problems in our world.” Choose to align with the vibration of LOVE and its many aspects: cultivate its peace within your body and mind; invite its harmony to fill your being; allow its wholeness to soothe and heal you; notice and appreciate its natural beauty; express its creativity in your unique ways; feel its abundance in the many blessings in your life; embody its acceptance of ‘what is’ at that moment; bask in its tranquility whenever possible; and be aware of its cooperation growing within yourself, your relationships with others, and with the natural world.

As we each do our part to expand into the vibration of LOVE, and to ground it in our bodies and beings, our lives change for the better. The ‘reality’ of separation no longer controls us, and we can create new realities founded in the vibration of LOVE.  ‘LOVE IS’!


February 3, 2017