July 15, 2013: Emotional Balance

I have lived in several places in this country where the common phrase was, “If you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes.” Recently it seems that changing weather patterns are affecting all of us, and not coincidentally, our emotions are also rapidly shifting. Edgar Cayce and other psychics assert that wind events and earth changes are simply a reflection of our individual and collective emotional status. They suggest that we can help ourselves, and the earth, by taking responsibility for our own emotions, and by letting go of old habits of being ruled by our emotional reactions.

Emotions are actually an ever-changing biochemical cascade created by our thoughts, judgments, and interpretations of ourselves and of events in our lives. They can change in an instant! We label sensations we feel with certain words, often clumping together 4 or 5 emotions within one label, and then we attach that label to our identity. For example, “I am depressed” might actually mean that, at that moment, you feel sad, helpless, overwhelmed, worried, and fearful. It is helpful to look clearly at your feelings, identify the specific component emotions, and then ask your body which one is ready to be cleared. You can use imagery and picture the wind blowing it away, or the sunshine evaporating it; or release it by blowing it out on the exhalation of several breaths; or apply any technique you have learned that disperses emotions. Your conscious focus of intention decreases the production of the neurotransmitters and hormones that you had labeled as that emotion. Once you have cleared each of the accessory feelings, it is easier to address those with a larger charge. One of my favorite methods is to place my hand across my forehead and become quiet within, then connect with the primary emotion. Thoughts, memories, or information may arise that are associated with the emotion, yet the simple act of holding my hand on my forehead releases the stressful effects of it on my body. When I notice my body has taken a deep breath and sighed, I know that I am ready to move on, as that particular emotional stress has been turned off. I continue clearing emotions until my thoughts no longer create inner stress.

It is important to then choose another emotional state so the brain and hormonal organs shift to produce more nourishing biochemicals. I often envision the word ‘ease’ and ask my brain to create that within me. It reinforces the truth that struggle is NOT necessary or helpful to our wellbeing. Another word to choose is ‘patience’, reminding yourself that “this too shall pass”, and that your body and soul know how to heal you and guide your life in the best way for you. It also helps to invite in ‘harmony’, imagining that every part and organ of your body is like an instrument in an orchestra, and that they are all being tuned to the same vibration and chords of good health and wholeness. In times of intense stress, it may be necessary to clear your emotions every few hours, each time reclaiming balance before moving on in your day. Over time, your emotional reactions will become more stable, simpler, and easier to shift for the better.

We can all learn to let the winds of change blow through us, releasing old reactive habits and patterns. Emotional balance allows us to respond easily in the moment to the changing circumstances of our bodies and our lives!

July 15, 2013