November 11, 2013: Daring to Dream

I was recently guided to sign up for an online seminar and its 3-month program, in envisioning the life I really want to live. It felt like good timing, after the cleansing trip to Lourdes, and for the duration of these wintry months in Vermont. I noticed, later that very night, that I suddenly had a tickle in my throat, which is an unusual symptom for me. The next day my body developed a moderate fever, and the tickle became a need to clear my throat frequently. For the next five days and nights the fever continued, and the throat tickle became a congested tightness in my lower throat. My body wisdom told me via muscle testing that these symptoms were merely a cleansing, brought on by my choices, and I was “not to worry”. I was “burning out blockages” from my past, so that I could “expand into the future” I desired! Part of the cleanse was chemical, killing off organisms that had lived in pockets of old injured tissues in my trachea; part was bringing out emotions that had been suppressed in my throat, preventing me from speaking up and out easily about certain topics; and part was false beliefs from my past, making me want to stay small and hidden. I followed my body’s suggestions for rest, fluids, and immune system supporters; took time off of work, since I could not speak without coughing; and continued the new program each day.

It was a fascinating experience! I rarely have any type of illness, so I wanted to pay close attention to the messages from my body. I kept track of my symptoms, asked guidance and my body frequently for details about what was clearing; and wrote down the memories, emotions, and dreams that arose. Each conversation with my inner wisdom brought me insights, understandings, and new perspectives on my past. The congestion began to break up, initially with dark green sputum; quickly changing to yellow; and finally to clear globs of mucus being coughed up from my throat. There were no symptoms in my lungs, bronchi and sinuses, or any other part of my body aside from the fever; nor was my mental clarity affected. I was directed to apologize to my body for having ignored the injuries for so many years, and for pretending that all was well. I forgave myself, and others in my life, for various words and actions that caused separation and hurt. I invited healing energies into my throat, and imagined basking in love and contentment, like a beloved child in its parent’s arms.

The symptoms are now all gone, and my trachea feels better than in a very long time! I am filled with gratitude that I knew how to communicate with my body during this process, and trusted in its guidance. Now I have a better physical foundation from which to create that future life!

November 11, 2013