Classes Offered

The following classes are lecture and/or experiential in nature:

The Art and Practice of Muscle Testing: a Means of Communication with the Body (Part 1)
This class introduces the art of muscle testing as a means of communicating with the body, and increases your comfort level with it. We witness how it is done on others, and learn how to talk with our own bodies using three different methods. We access the appropriate source of information needed, then allow intuition to guide the questions. Over time, this conscious communication with the innate wisdom of the body assists in its healing, and creates a life that supports the whole self. This class primarily addresses physical, chemical, and lifestyle topics. It can be two or three hours long.

The Art and Practice of Muscle Testing: a Means of Communication with the Body (Part 2)
This class is designed to deepen the practice of muscle testing as a tool for communication, and is offered to those who already feel comfortable with the basics of muscle testing. It addresses mental, emotional, and spiritual topics primarily, and expands the ability to access different sources of guidance. We hone the art of questioning, and fine-tune our connections with guidance for enhanced clarity and accuracy. Explore the fascinating, rewarding world of muscle testing with integrity, compassion, and joy! This class can be two or three hours long.

The Eyes, Vision, and Clarity
Although the eyes have been called the “windows to the Soul”, most people have put up protective barriers between the outer world and their inner self. Whether you use corrective lenses for near or far, or need sunglasses to be outdoors, the underlying chemical imbalances, emotional distortions, and spiritual blockages can be dissolved. We can relearn to see ourselves, and the world around us, more clearly. This class reminds us of the natural abilities of the eyes, and helps us to reclaim true vision and clarity of focus. This class can be two or three hours long.

Supporting the Immune System in a Stressful World
This class is designed to give anyone the tools to strengthen and heal their own immune systems, thereby allowing them to live a life free of the common illnesses that plague our society. We cover factors that allow or impede the overgrowth of organisms in our bodies; and address how lifestyle, diet and nutrition, stress, and spiritual activities affect the immune system. Information is provided that can be used at home on a daily basis. Bring notebooks and pens. This class can take two to six hours, depending on the amount of detail included, and whether there is discussion as a group.

Nourishment for Bodies                                                                                                                                                  The modern standard American diet has been proven to result in the development of degenerative diseases that ruin our health and our lives. Over the past 40 years, our health care system has become a disease management system, and our country now leads the world in chronic degenerative diseases such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer, and dementias. In this class, the latest research and the outcomes of recent studies are shared, as well as information about programs that are successfully reversing degenerative diseases through a plant-strong, nourishment-rich diet. We can each improve our health by implementing beneficial dietary changes! This class also presents different ways to witness and become aware of your own individual body responses to foods and drinks ingested; and provides links to the various doctors, programs, websites, books, movies, interviews, and studies that focus on using nutrition as the best medicine for healing the body. Our bodies have an amazing ability to correct even long-term conditions. We simply need to listen to them, nourish them well, and support them! Bring notebooks and pens. This class can be three to six hours long, depending on the amount of detail included and the amount of discussion desired.

Nourishing the Body’s Brains
The proper function of the brain is interconnected with that of the heart center and the digestive center, often referred to as the body’s “other brains”. This lecture-style class addresses lifestyle components, chemical support, and mental exercises that can nurture all three nerve centers. We also take a look at specific topics: autism, ADD/ADHD, and Alzheimer’s/dementia. Bring notebooks and pens, and be ready to think! This class is three hours long.

Honoring Our Bodies and Souls                                                                                                                                    This class presents what I have learned from the many people with whom I have worked over the past 30 years. I share what bodies have taught me about who we truly are, and why we are here on this planet. I help you learn to remove the blocks and clear old separations between your bodies and souls. We recreate oneness and wholeness of body and soul, so you can live your life with more acceptance and appreciation of your full self. This leads to empowerment, joy, and fulfillment in everyday life. This class is three hours long. Bring notebooks and pens.

Creating New Realities
The current realities that seem to govern our lives were created in the past by our individual and collective actions and inactions. Now is the time to intervene and choose consciously what we want for ourselves, for our lives, and for our society, whether locally or globally. This class helps us learn to identify our true desires, how to put those desires out so the universe can begin to act upon them, and how to hold fast to faith, patience, and anticipation until the changes are manifest in our lives. This class can be two or three hours long. Bring notebook and pens.

Stories of Lives in Bodies                                                                                                                                                 As one client stated, “Story is powerful… stories hold truth, and story links us as part of the human family.” In this extended class, I will share some of the stories of my experiences in the world of healing, as an impetus for you to look at the stories your bodies want to tell. We explore topics such as awakening to our inner body wisdom, our body/mind awareness and communication, illness and injury as teachers, body/soul expansion and expression, and supporting our beings in the face of stress, negativity, world events, and aging. There will be time for introspection; prompts given for short writings of what bubbles up from within; and sharing of story snippets. Bring notebook and pens. This class has been presented as a five-hour, in-depth class; and could be shortened as needed.

Accessing Body Wisdom, Intuition, and Guidance
This first class in a series of three introduces the art of connecting with wisdom greater than that from our conscious minds. We learn about the innate wisdom of the body, and how to differentiate its voice from the voices of the ego self. We discuss intuition, and then address and clear any old prejudices we may hold against it. We explore guidance from universal sources, and talk about true guidance. Time is set aside to practice listening to all of these sources of information, through words, writings, and drawings. Bring pens & paper, and any objects that help expand and connect you with your sense of Self. This class is four hours long.

Gathering Chemical and Spiritual Intuitive Information for the Self
This class expands on the first class in the series, “Accessing Body Wisdom, Intuition, and Guidance”. In this second class, we go into detail about how to gather information about chemical issues affecting our bodies. We learn how to identify foods, drinks, supplements, flower essences, homeopathics, and essential oils that can help support our bodies’ ability to heal. We then focus on topics of a spiritual nature, exploring common areas of blockage that limit our bodies’ well-being. We learn how to identify and clear interference energies, limiting beliefs, and social/parental programming. Using intuition to assist our bodies on chemical and spiritual levels allows us to change our emotional states, mental thoughts, and lifestyle patterns and habits. Practice times are placed throughout the class. Bring pens & paper, and any of the above listed chemical support items. This class is four hours long.

Gathering Intuitive Information for Others
This class expands on the first 2 classes in the series, “Accessing Body Wisdom, Intuition, and Guidance”. In this class we explore gathering information intuitively for someone other than ourselves, focusing primarily on the chemical and spiritual levels. We learn step by step how to connect, ask, receive, and then disconnect from the sources of information for the other person/being. This class can assist in helping loved ones, animals and plants, and clients. Practice time is spread throughout the class, with suggestions to improve clarity, accuracy, and understanding of the varied information that can be received. This class is four hours long.

Opening to Spirit in Everyday Life
This class is designed to deepen our everyday connections with Spirit. As they deepen, we can then become our true selves, and create the life we choose. We discuss prayer and meditation, we practice vocalizations to open our hearts, and we work with visualizations that access the wisdom within our bodies and the truths that connect us all in the web of life. We create a team within us of body, mind, ego, soul and spirit, with the spirit as captain of the team, so that we are able to discern true guidance. Bring notebooks and pens. This class can take two to four hours, depending on the depth of immersion chosen.

Connecting With Divine Guidance
This class is designed to help anyone connect with the Divine, and receive Divine guidance. We address beliefs that limit or allow the connection, and look at issues of receptivity and commitment. We learn about archangels, ascended masters, nature spirits, and other beings of light and healing. We practice meditation techniques that open the doors to these beings, and learn guidelines to know whether we are receiving true guidance. We then practice receiving input from these beings, write down what we receive, and discuss it as a group. Bring notebooks and pens. This class takes two to four hours, depending on the time allowed for writing and sharing.

Paradigm Shifts in Healing
The traditional and alternative models of healing used for so long are being challenged by transformative ideas supported by quantum physics, scalar physics, and by “miraculous” experiences. We explore three examples of this paradigm shift: Adam “DreamHealer,” Dr. Eric Pearle’s “The Reconnection,” and Dr. Richard Bartlett’s “Matrix Energetics.” Open yourself to expand your ability to heal, and to change old patterns quickly and easily! This class can be two or three hours long.

Developing Intuition
This is a three-part class taught in segments during the course of approximately one year. Each segment is two six-hour days (plus lunch break). It is designed to gently encourage and empower any person in his/her own intuitional development, for personal use, or for incorporation into a healing practice. Details can be provided if there is interest in a long-term commitment such as this. Nine groups have completed this series, and plans are in the works for the next series. All who have taken this series now trust their intuition more, and have blossomed in their personal lives; many of them now incorporate their intuition regularly in their practices.

Distant Healing, Team Format
This is a two-hour class for those interested in healing who would like to learn to practice healing at a distance. We work with various meditations, visualizations and techniques to develop and expand our distant healing skills. We then focus as a team on individuals, groups, places, and beings of any kind. The intention is to enhance the connection with nature and the Divine, resulting in empowerment and healing for all. Respect for all life and for each being’s purpose in being embodied is a basic premise for the class.

Hands-On Healing Groups
This is an opportunity for the professional healers Miriam knows, and other professional healers who might be interested, to come together, create a unified group, learn some new techniques in specific areas of healing, and then give and receive treatments utilizing that information. Respect for the individual skills, techniques, and wisdom of each person is primary. This healing group meets for three hours.

Telephone Intuition Training
This two-part class is a follow-up to the year-long course, “Developing Intuition”. It is designed to have three months in between each segment of three hours. Each participant is encouraged to use their unique talents and skills to create their own style of intuitive practice for use over the telephone. Details can be provided if there is interest in a commitment such as this. It is by permission only.

The following four classes involve gentle movement, with live musical accompaniment:

Infusing The Soul Into The Body
This two-hour class helps bring the consciousness of the Soul into all parts of the body. It is a gentle, easy “moving meditation” for this who have difficulty with seated meditation. There is live quiet percussion and musical accompaniment. No dance experience is necessary. Wear loose, comfortable, layered clothing.

Joyous Embodiment Through Sound Vibrations
In this two-hour class, we play with the vibrations of sound to help us be more present in our bodies. We make sounds with our voices, amplify our heartbeats with our hands on our bodies, and connect various areas of our bodies through these vibrations. Bells, chimes, and percussion sounds assist us in our exploration. No movement experience is needed. Wear loose, comfortable, layered clothing.

Movement, Vocalizing and Self-Healing Touch
This class teaches us to connect the body, mind, emotions, ego, soul and spirit into a unified whole, through meditations combined with gentle movement. We explore our bodies and voices from that perspective of wholeness. We then explore self-healing touch on our own bodies, and use our voices to express desired realities for the body. Anyone who lives in a body can do this! There is quiet percussive and musical accompaniment. Wear loose, comfortable layered clothing. Bring notebooks and pens.

Awakening Divine Genetics in the Human Body
This is a six-hour workshop with breaks for snacks or meals, and fresh air. It is an in-depth exploration of an evolutionary process available to any of us now on the planet. This work requires a deep level of commitment, clarity, and focus, and results in an amazing transformation in health, love, joy, and fulfillment! We learn techniques to awaken Divine genetics within our bodies, and to better understand the changes that we are experiencing as we live on this transforming planet. We discuss ways of supporting ourselves in everyday life, learn to clear and reprogram emotional and mental patterns, and learn new ways to heal the physical and chemical body. The final two hours focus on self-healing touch, and movement to enhance our physical Oneness with the Divine. Live percussion music accompanies the movement portion of the class. Bring notebooks and pens; wear loose, comfortable layered clothing.

                    NOTE: Let me know if you have a teaching opportunity for me. Contact me!