I offer classes locally in Vermont, and also travel to other parts of the country to teach. I love to teach, and to witness the awakening and empowerment that often results from these classes. I present a wide variety of classes: some to increase physical health and self-healing abilities, some addressing spiritual growth and transformation, and some that expand conscious awareness within the body through movement. I enjoy utilizing the healing energies of sound, with live bells, percussion and music in those movement classes.

Many clients who took my classes in the early days of my chiropractic practice are now practitioners themselves, in various healing modalities. It is a pleasure to have seen them awaken and expand their interest in the healing arts and sciences. I feel blessed to have nurtured so many colleagues, in this area of the country and elsewhere, who have grown from their experiences and studies with me.

Note: Feel free to suggest topics you might like to learn about, based on your work with me. I am happy to create classes that allow me to share my knowledge of bodies with others! Contact me!