June 4, 2013: Clarity

I have been on a quest for clarity for much of my life. I was not able to see well at a distance as a child, so I learned to focus on people and objects near me. Glasses corrected my visual acuity (when I wore them!), and I was thrilled to be able to see well at a distance with their help.

When I began to practice as a Doctor of Chiropractic, I decided to use my favorite tool of ‘muscle testing’ to address my vision problems. I stopped wearing my glasses, and got used to identifying people and road signs by posture, movement, colors, and shapes. My personal muscle testing sessions revealed multiple issues involved in my eyesight, some relating to the actual muscles, nerves, blood vessels, and other physical structures of the eyes. Most, however, related to the need for clarity within myself on other levels of my being. 

I learned to peel off layers of emotions that had been stored in my eyes; also, false beliefs about myself, and others. I was guided to diminish and to counteract the stresses of daily life that had an obvious effect on my eyesight. I noticed that I tended to look at the dark side of objects, such as the shaded side of a tree instead of the side lit up by the sun, and that pattern reflected an attitude of turning away from the light. My eyes requested dietary changes and nutritional products to assist them in healing, with frequent updates needed depending on my activities, hormones, sleep, and so on.  I explored bringing more energy into my eyes with visualizations, and expanded my knowledge about the 6th chakra, the pineal gland, and the pituitary gland. I went on shamanic journeys for my eyes, and generally tried anything indicated by the muscle testing. As I learned more about my own particular eyes, I understood more about myself.   That led to accepting myself more, and my visual clarity increased! It was a gradual process, filled with wonderful expansions, daily processing, and occasional contractions during stressful times. As long as I accepted the process, clarity increased.

Several years ago my guidance was again focusing on issues of clarity, to further communications between souls, bodies, and our interconnections with all of life. I implemented numerous suggestions made, and found them very helpful on a deep level. One day I went to a local jewelry store’s Mother’s Day Sale, and found too many bins containing discounted jewelry. Overwhelmed, I dropped the focus of my attention down into my body, and asked my inner wisdom which bin to search. I was guided to a specific bin, and began to look through its contents. A small square pendant of silver with a Chinese symbol imprinted in black upon its surface caught my attention. I found other similar pendants with differing symbols, but they did not attract me. The saleswoman directed me to turn the pendant over to find its translation. On the back was one tiny word: clarity. Amazing! I had been guided and attracted to the very symbol that, unknown to my conscious mind, meant “clarity”! The synchronicity of the event moved me to purchase that pendant, and I often wear it as a necklace to remind myself that living in a state of clarity is my personal choice.  It also represents the beautiful interconnected nature of my life, and of all life.

“Clarity” in its symbolic form holds its place on the right side of the heading of my website. 

June 4, 2013