February 14, 2017: Being LOVE

One of the ‘assignments’ given to me by my guidance for my sabbatical from work was to “embody the vibration of LOVE, peace, harmony, and wholeness” (see the prior 2 blogs). I knew I needed to get out of my head, and spend more time each day in my body. Guidance told me that it would help if I practiced “receiving LOVE” while paying attention to my body. At first I simply set the intention to receive LOVE whenever I was moving in my body. Then as I did my usual morning and evening realigning and relaxation poses, I imagined that my body was being infused with LOVE from the Earth below, and I envisioned the sunlight and starlight flowing into me from above, filling me with the universe’s LOVE energy. I began to feel moments of deep peace within me. Gradually I noticed I had more sustained energy in my day, and more laughter in my interactions. My body softened to be more relaxed and flexible; my mind became clearer and more creative; and my being felt more loving and trusting.

I was told that the Earth and our universe are directing the vibration of LOVE to all beings and all life on the planet, day and night, and we simply need to open to it, receive it, and become one with it. Sunlight, starlight, air, wind, water, rain, snow, the rivers, oceans, plants, trees, insects, reptiles, animals, humans: all are sources of LOVE, and we need to receive it from them as well as give it to them. I was directed to practice receiving and giving LOVE with the dog and cat companions of our friends, with the birds I feed in Vermont winters, with the water I drink each day, with the trees, the wind, the sky. I would breathe in the LOVE from whichever source caught my attention, and breathe LOVE out to the same source. It became easier to feel it coming into me, and it flowed out of me to others with more ease also. It felt like a sharing of one unified heart and mind, a wordless conversation, an armless hug, a wonderful feeling of oneness.

As that presence of LOVE became more real within me, I was directed to imagine it expanding steadily until my life is completely infused by it, feeling it in all my thoughts, words, actions, choices, and relationships. I was told to “fast-forward to 2018 and beyond”, and as I ‘watched’ the images that came to my mind, a huge balance scale reached its tipping point and moved quickly so the weighted end was fully grounded in the vibration of LOVE. It was explained that “soon”, humans make the choice to embody LOVE, and to base all relationships on LOVE. Its vibrant health and well-being then emerge in all bodies, its joy and creativity are the new ways to learn, and its superconscious ways of thinking, teaching and self-governing are the new normal. When I questioned the timing, I was told to “let go, choose it, and help to co-create this New Earth.” Now I like to imagine what a wonderful life can be lived when reality is founded in the vibration of LOVE!


February 14, 2017