November 3, 2013: Becoming Your True Self

Many of us were clear as children, knowing what we liked when we saw, felt, or tasted it; and sensing what felt “yukky” in a person or a behavior. We witnessed the actions of adults, and thought to ourselves, “I’m not going to be like that when I grow up!” or “I would like to do the type of things s/he does when I am bigger!” Yet, life has its way with us as we grow, and we often find in retrospect that choices we made led us off course. Years pass, and many of us end up wondering, “What happened to the real me? Why am I living this life, with these people, and doing these things?”

Guidance from my clients’ bodies, and from my own, is reassuring. All is not lost; we can still find ourselves, and reclaim our lives! A frequent suggestion offered is to imagine your body as a container, like a bottle or a glass; then imagine your “true self” as a beautiful clear, sparkling, liquid light, of any color. Pour your “true self” into your body container until it is filled to the brim, and every toe, finger, joint, organ, eyelid, earlobe, and so on, is alive with the essence of you. Once your body is filled with your essence, then bask in it for a good five minutes at least. Invite that connection several times a day, and begin to notice what shifts for you! Another suggestion is to touch every part of your body with your hands, verbally affirming that you love and appreciate your body, and all that it allows you to do in this physical world. You can affirm statements like, “I open every structure, organ, tissue, and cell in this area of my body, filling it with the truth of who I really am.” This is an easy practice to do while taking a shower and applying soap to each arm, leg, and so on. Feel free to make up your own loving statements, and to see the images that come to your mind. Do this frequently, immersing your body with your true self for 5 to 10 minutes, and honor the new you that you are creating. It is never too late to become your true self!

November 3, 2013