November 28, 2013: Appreciation and Gratitude

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Our society has twisted all of the holy days and special days off from work in the interests of commercialism; even Thanksgiving has become co-opted by football and rituals of excessive eating. At its roots, however, are the themes of appreciation for food that sustains life, and gratitude to those who share their harvest bounty.

I live and eat simply, and truly love the daily gift of good quality food and clear clean water. I no longer have a desire for rich foods, or for massive quantities of anything. Sharing a simple bowl of soup with friends gives me a sense of “plenty”; and the laughter that infuses our hearts and makes our faces radiant with joy and love is more fulfilling to me than any feast or rich dessert treat.

I have come to see that appreciation is a gift that I can give to myself, many times, in any day. I acknowledge how blessed I am to have x, y, or z in my life; I marvel as if I were a peasant from the 9th century transported through time and space to this modern world. Hot water in the shower– what a miracle!  Fresh produce in the cold winter – how colorful, alive, and tasty! Central heating, and a comfortable, firm bed – I am so rich! I give thanks daily to the many people who created, designed, manufactured, grew, and distributed the wonders in my life. Every conscious moment of appreciation fills me with gratitude, and opens my heart.

May your heart, minds, and spirits be opened this Thanksgiving!

November 28, 2013