Healing The Self

Heal Thy Self  <==>  Healthy Self

As I meditated on writing a blog, and on this first entry, I kept seeing my email address in my mind: healthyself.  As some of you have noticed, it contains a play on words.  I first intended it to read: Heal Thy Self; but was confused about the usage of capitals and spaces in email addresses.  When I spelled it to the Internet provider, she read it back to me as: Healthy Self.  Both versions felt good, so I left it as all lower case letters, allowing the reader to determine which way to see it.

In my 25 years of working with clients, I have come to understand that we are each our own ultimate healer, and that it is up to each of us to open the doors wide to healing ourselves.  Loving family, supportive friends, and knowledgeable compassionate practitioners can make a wonderful difference in our healing journeys.  Yet we as individuals must access and practice disciplines that help our entire beings heal: such as self-love, gratitude for the many good aspects of our lives, nourishing diets, movement activities, and conscious awareness of the subtle signals from our bodies in maintaining emotional balance.  As we become tuned in to our bodies’ ever-changing needs and responses, we can become in tune with and in harmony with our bodies.  Once our bodies and minds are harmonious, like an orchestra of many instruments performing a beautiful complex symphony, the healing of the whole self can take place.  We become truly healthy, our tissues, organs and joints vibrating in resonance with the life force within us and around us in the natural world; and our souls can revel in life experienced through these physical forms.

In this on-going series of writings, I plan to choose a topic each time, and to share stories and thoughts with you that have helped me to heal in some way, or that have assisted others in healing themselves.  I hope that my experiences and words will ignite within you the confidence to trust your body’s inner wisdom.  You too can heal thy self, and become a healthy self!

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