The Balance of ‘Being LOVE’ and Doing Life

It has been interesting practicing ‘being LOVE’ (see past 3 blog posts) while living daily life in which many things need to get ‘done’. Some days I have not made time for my body realignment and relaxation poses during which I ‘receive LOVE’, thinking that there is too much I ‘need to do’, and that I ‘don’t have time’ for that. It takes only 20 minutes in the morning, and 20 minutes more in the evening, yet when I skip those sessions, I notice that the quality of the day’s or evening’s activities is much lower, and the choices I make on those days or evenings often do not serve me well.

So through the ‘trial and error’ of personal experience (often the best way to learn something), I am becoming more aware that my body-mind truly needs that time of receiving, to bathe in and be infused with LOVE. I have found that simply ‘opening to receive LOVE’ while I sip my morning miso broth or herbal tea centers me even if I skip my morning poses. As I accomplish one task after another throughout the day, I stop for a few minutes after each task, appreciate what just got taken care of, breathe, open, receive, and bask in the harmony that fills me. I thank my mind, my hands, and my body, grateful for the life I have in this body; and just ‘am’ for another few moments or minutes. I then move on to the next task. In the evening I again open to receive while doing the realigning and relaxing poses, or at the very least, receive as I am relaxing in bed. Sleep is much better as a result.

Learning a new skill is a progression, and at first I questioned whether I could ever truly learn to ‘receive and be LOVE’ outside of my one-on-one client work. Now it is beginning to feel more natural, and does not take as much of a conscious effort. Practice is what grooves a new pattern, so I plan to continue to receive and be LOVE!


February 20, 2017

Being LOVE

One of the ‘assignments’ given to me by my guidance for my sabbatical from work was to “embody the vibration of LOVE, peace, harmony, and wholeness” (see the prior 2 blogs). I knew I needed to get out of my head, and spend more time each day in my body. Guidance told me that it would help if I practiced “receiving LOVE” while paying attention to my body. At first I simply set the intention to receive LOVE whenever I was moving in my body. Then as I did my usual morning and evening realigning and relaxation poses, I imagined that my body was being infused with LOVE from the Earth below, and I envisioned the sunlight and starlight flowing into me from above, filling me with the universe’s LOVE energy. I began to feel moments of deep peace within me. Gradually I noticed I had more sustained energy in my day, and more laughter in my interactions. My body softened to be more relaxed and flexible; my mind became clearer and more creative; and my being felt more loving and trusting.

I was told that the Earth and our universe are directing the vibration of LOVE to all beings and all life on the planet, day and night, and we simply need to open to it, receive it, and become one with it. Sunlight, starlight, air, wind, water, rain, snow, the rivers, oceans, plants, trees, insects, reptiles, animals, humans: all are sources of LOVE, and we need to receive it from them as well as give it to them. I was directed to practice receiving and giving LOVE with the dog and cat companions of our friends, with the birds I feed in Vermont winters, with the water I drink each day, with the trees, the wind, the sky. I would breathe in the LOVE from whichever source caught my attention, and breathe LOVE out to the same source. It became easier to feel it coming into me, and it flowed out of me to others with more ease also. It felt like a sharing of one unified heart and mind, a wordless conversation, an armless hug, a wonderful feeling of oneness.

As that presence of LOVE became more real within me, I was directed to imagine it expanding steadily until my life is completely infused by it, feeling it in all my thoughts, words, actions, choices, and relationships. I was told to “fast-forward to 2018 and beyond”, and as I ‘watched’ the images that came to my mind, a huge balance scale reached its tipping point and moved quickly so the weighted end was fully grounded in the vibration of LOVE. It was explained that “soon”, humans make the choice to embody LOVE, and to base all relationships on LOVE. Its vibrant health and well-being then emerge in all bodies, its joy and creativity are the new ways to learn, and its superconscious ways of thinking, teaching and self-governing are the new normal. When I questioned the timing, I was told to “let go, choose it, and help to co-create this New Earth.” Now I like to imagine what a wonderful life can be lived when reality is founded in the vibration of LOVE!


February 14, 2017

Expanding LOVE on our Earth

My guides told me that the more each one of us humans chooses to bring the vibration of LOVE into our hearts, minds, bodies, and lives, the more quickly and easily its presence expands all over the Earth.  They asked that we “connect with 12 archangels” who want to help us, so that each choice we make is magnified a thousand-fold. The archangels were not named, simply referenced as a group of Beings of Light who desire the maturation of human consciousness, and the resulting vibrational shifts within us, between us, and on the planet. They assist when called upon, and only then, so we humans must ask for their assistance if we wish it.

Expanding into LOVE, and anchoring its vibration within each of our bodies brings renewed joy in life and confidence in ourselves. Many people are asking: “What can I do to change the world for the better? I am only one person, and I often feel helpless in the face of so many problems in our world.”  Choose to align with the vibration of LOVE and its many aspects: cultivate its peace within your body and mind; invite its harmony to fill your being; allow its wholeness to soothe and heal you; notice and appreciate its natural beauty; express its creativity in your unique ways; feel its abundance in the many blessings in your life; embody its acceptance of ‘what is’ at that moment; bask in its tranquility whenever possible; and be aware of its cooperation growing within yourself, your relationships with others, and with the natural world.

As we each do our part to expand into the vibration of LOVE, and to ground it in our bodies and beings, our lives change for the better. The ‘reality’ of separation no longer controls us, and we can create new realities founded in the vibration of LOVE.  ‘LOVE IS’!


February 3, 2017

The Vibration of LOVE

Last July 2016 I received guidance that stated that “the vibration of LOVE exists everywhere in your universe, and is the only vibration that exists. Your Earth is the exception, on which vibrations other than LOVE are the norm.”  On our planet, the vibration was only 7% LOVE, and the other 93% was a mixture of about 30 differing vibrations that are the result of being separate from the vibration of LOVE. The LOVE they referred to is not a human emotion. It is a frequency, a sensation, an essence, and a way of being. The word was described as one that encompasses many other words, such as peace, harmony, wholeness, beauty, creativity, abundance, acceptance, tranquility, and cooperation. Nature still embodies the vibration of LOVE on Earth, so being ‘one with Nature’ results in being infused with LOVE.

Many of us on Earth have been separated from the vibration of LOVE and the oneness of all life. It may have been due to early traumas, or to an unconscious imitation of authority figures, or even to choosing it intentionally through free will. We have been taught and programmed that we are each alone, and that we are not connected with others except through the ‘coincidence’ of birth, family, school, community, workplace, culture, and country. The politicians and media often tell us that ‘we’ are different from ‘them’, that there are ‘good guys’ and ‘bad guys’, that some of us on the planet and in this country are better, smarter, more deserving, more moral, or more superior than others. We planetary humans have been divided and conquered by those in power. The result is separation, loneliness, suffering, addiction, poverty, cruelty, violence, greed, and never-ending war.

The good news from my guidance is that the vibration of LOVE is expanding on Earth, and rapidly! By late November 2016, the vibration of LOVE was up to 10% on the planet (an increase of 3% in only 4 months). People all over the world are becoming aware that they yearn for LOVE. They are making new choices in their lives so that they experience LOVE within themselves and around them. The more LOVE they feel, give, and receive, the more it spreads. Let’s each further that trend, so together we can change our lives for the better and reunite our planet with the universal vibration of LOVE!


January 27, 2017


“Fluoride: Poison On Tap”

The following link is to the excellent documentary, “Fluoride: Poison on Tap”. It is a recent film, about the many health issues relating to the fluoridation of city water, toothpastes, mouthwashes, medications, infant bottled water, and even foods. Here is the link:

Thirty-plus years ago in chiropractic graduate school my professors were totally against the ingestion of fluoride. They revealed their reasons for that, and encouraged us to avoid all sources of it if we cared about our health and that of our patients. I have since refused all dental treatments that included fluoride, for myself and for my children, and always purchase herbal non-fluoridated toothpastes. I avoid drinking city water due to my dislike of the taste and smell of chlorine, and with the increasing fluoridation of water supplies in our country, it makes even more sense. You may have seen me carrying bottled well water with me whenever I travel, or spring water, rather than drinking tap water. Many people haven’t understood my choices.

This movie presents more reasons than I ever knew to avoid fluoride sources. I hope you will take the time to watch it! Many towns and cities are reversing past decisions to fluoridate their waters; unfortunately, other towns and cities are adding it in for the first time, proud to be joining the rest of our country in what is believed to be a public health service. Your knowledge can create change in this area if you choose to get active in your community.

The CDC has lists for all cities and/or counties in each state, with the information of who does and does not fluoridate the public water supplies. Go to for the State Database. Where it says ‘Select a Topic’, click on your state, and it then links you to the CDC site. Alternately, you can go straight to the CDC site, looking at ‘My Water’s Fluoride Home’ on this link: For example, I type in Vermont, Windham County, and it shows me every city/village in the county, and I see that the only water supply that is fluoridated in Windham County is Bellows Falls. Check out where you live, and where your children, family, and friends live, and forward the video to those who might be interested or who live in a place where the water is treated!

To your health and well-being, always!

January 8, 2017

An Open Letter To My Cherished Clients

As of December 6, 2016, I will be taking a sabbatical from all sessions for 5 or 6 months.

My guides have been telling me about this for several weeks, and finally I have chosen to enact their suggestions! It is the first time in 29 years that I have taken a significant break from my beloved work. I often feel that the people who know me in the deepest way are you, my clients, and so I am a tad reluctant to give up that sense of connection and truth. Guidance assures me that during this period of time, one of my joys will be to create that same connection with others who are not clients.

It is apparently the time for me to become my true self as much as possible, as often as possible, in every place, and with every person. I am to “become the vibration of love, peace, harmony, and wholeness” and to do so I need to experience myself and the world in new ways. Part of the time I will be here at home, cleaning out old papers, objects, and patterns that no longer support me. Some of the time I hope to travel to places and cultures that are healing, nurturing, and connected with nature. I intend to keep a journal, and may actually get back to writing in the blog that is posted on my website!

As for you, I am ‘told’ that it is also time for each and every one of you to listen very closely to your own inner wisdom, intuition, and guidance. Follow what you hear/feel, trust your greater connections within the Universe, and honor your truth, beauty, joy, well-being, and integrity. If you want the input of someone else in your health care, go inward first, and secondarily go to see whomever you trust and who respects you. The future is still filled with possibilities, so consciously co-create your desired outcomes and the paths to them. The ‘New Earth’ is emerging, and the more we each align ourselves with that future of peace, co-operation, kinship with all life, and abundance of all that is truly important, the easier the transition out of the current set of realities, false beliefs, and societal programming. Let go of the fears, worries, and despair, for they are illusions!

Thank you for your support of my work, and thank you in advance for your patience with my process. I hope you have a wonderful, loving holiday season, an enjoyable winter, and a beautiful spring! I send my love and blessings to each and every one of you.

December 5, 2016

Group Singing

When I was young, singing was an important part of my life.  My mother would sing around the house, the family would sing together at meal-time prayers, and the church we attended included many opportunities for singing.  We children were taught to read music and encouraged to sing.  We all took part in church choirs or school choirs.  I started at 4 years old, and kept singing through high school.

Then my life took me in other directions.  I went to college, acting and dancing instead of singing; I worked; got married; went to graduate school; had a child; set up a chiropractic practice; had another child.  There was no time or energy for singing, other than quiet lullabies to help the children sleep.  I still loved to hear others sing; but my throat became tight and I stopped thinking of myself as a singer.

Now, many years later, I am singing again!  When I returned from the trip to Lourdes, I saw an announcement that a small group was forming locally to sing songs of the winter season.  With a required commitment of only 6 weeks, I decided to jump in!  My throat was tight and ticklish at first, as I was still clearing the congestion I wrote about one month ago. I released old emotions and false beliefs from my throat, and now my vocal cords are loosening up.  The congestion is gone, and it feels good to sing!

What a marvel it is to sing with a group of people!  It is especially so when they can all sight-read the music, and sing their parts on first reading!  The leader passes out printed music, gives us our first notes, and behold!  Instant beauty and wonder fill the room as the song comes to life in full harmony!  I am awe-struck with each new piece presented.  We then rehearse, learning lyrics, and fine-tuning melodies and harmonies. Yet the simple magnificence of voices blending together reminds me that there is an ancient joy in humans singing together.

Our 6 weeks comes to an end this coming Saturday with a public sharing of the songs of celebration we learned.  I know already that I am going to want more group singing after this one ends.  I hope that you too can have some opportunities to sing with others!

December 11, 2013

Message from White Birch Trees

The other day I was driving north to spend time with my grown children for a late Thanksgiving visit.  It was a beautiful day, and I was enjoying the glory of the blue skies and sunlight reflecting off of the trees and earth.  My attention kept being drawn to the white trunks of birch trees, whether singly or in groups.  At one point I blurted out, “Birch trees, you are shining with light today!  I keep noticing you.  Is there any message you have for me?”  A little to my surprise, the response was “Yes, we’ve been hoping you would ask!”

I made sure that the road ahead was clear for easy driving, and then opened to receive the message.  “You need to intertwine your roots with your children’s roots.  They came through your body, and they need to feel your roots with theirs.  The trunk of your son’s tree body would be off to your right, and your daughter’s would be off to your left.  See their roots and your roots intermingled, yet each is free to search out new directions to grow and gather in nutrients needed.  You three are a grove.   Be aware that anything that feeds and nourishes you, whatever its source, benefits your children.  Similarly, anything that brings life and joy to your children also benefits you.  Let yourself feel your deep connections with them, and allow your roots to provide for each other.”

For the remainder of the drive, I played with that information.  It made me smile, and my body liked the imagined feel of roots intertwined.  The visit that day was a delight!  As we walked through town in the crisp wintry sunlit air, my right arm held my son’s arm close to my side, and my left arm swung hand-in-hand with my daughter’s.  I was filled with joy as we walked, talked, smiled, and laughed together.  It was as the white birch trees had said!  I sent many heartfelt thanks to them for their message to me.  It is good to be part of a grove!

Dec 5, 2013

Appreciation and Gratitude

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  Our society has twisted all of the holy days and special days off from work in the interests of commercialism; even Thanksgiving has become co-opted by football and rituals of excessive eating.  At its roots, however, are the themes of appreciation for food that sustains life, and gratitude to those who share their harvest bounty.

I live and eat simply, and truly love the daily gift of good quality food and clear clean water.  I no longer have a desire for rich foods, or for massive quantities of anything.  Sharing a simple bowl of soup with friends gives me a sense of “plenty”; and the laughter that infuses our hearts and makes our faces radiant with joy and love is more fulfilling to me than any feast or rich dessert treat.

I have come to see that appreciation is a gift that I can give to myself, many times, in any day.  I acknowledge how blessed I am to have x, y, or z in my life; I marvel as if I were a peasant from the 9th century transported through time and space to this modern world.  Hot water in the shower– what a miracle!  Fresh produce in the cold winter – how colorful, alive, and tasty!  Central heating, and a comfortable, firm bed – I am so rich!  I give thanks daily to the many people who created, designed, manufactured, grew, and distributed the wonders in my life.  Every conscious moment of appreciation fills me with gratitude, and opens my heart.

May your heart, minds, and spirits be opened this Thanksgiving!

November 28, 2013