Telephone Sessions

Telephone Sessions:

Phone sessions first developed when a client was unable to come to the office due to intense back pain, so I muscle tested myself while on the phone with him and found out what he could do to help himself. Now I work with people all around the country as an Intuitive Counselor. I tune in through your voice, and use a combination of intuition and muscle testing to gather the information from your body’s energy field. I verbally pass on the information to you so that you can balance and heal whatever issues are present. Structure, emotions, chemical imbalances, chakras, false beliefs, life activities, and many other topics may be addressed.

“Matrix Energetics” Telephone Sessions:

Since July 2009 I have experienced great joy and peace in playing within the transformational field of universal consciousness, entitled “Matrix Energetics”, as taught by Dr Richard Bartlett, DC, ND. It allows me to access information and energies that can bring about changes in your body’s field of energy even if you are at a distance from me. I schedule individual sessions over the phone or via skype.

Scheduling and Preparing for Telephone Sessions:

I prefer to schedule via telephone, so contact me at 802.869.1844. Sessions are generally between 11 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday, but I make exceptions as needed. Initial phone sessions are one hour long and cost $150.  Subsequent sessions are booked in 30-, 45-, and 60-minutes time slots, and cost $3/minute.  You pay for the number of minutes we are on the phone talking, which may be a little less or more than the number of minutes scheduled. There is sometimes a brief delay to a session’s starting time, due to a prior call that took longer than expected. Simply call me again a few minutes later.

Please prepare for the telephone session by creating a brief summary of the concerns, issues, or symptoms that you want to address with me, including a list of any supplements or medications that you currently take. Call me at my home phone number, 802.869.1844, and verbally fill me in about the summary you have prepared. Then I make the connections, and access the information that your being wants you to know. Be prepared to take thorough notes on that information. After the conversation, you send me a check or money order for the time we have spent together, and you follow through with the information received. For subsequent visits you verbally provide me with an update of what has been happening since our previous session, noting any changes.

“Matrix Energetics” phone sessions are set up differently, so please contact me for information.