I offer several types of services, both for seeing you in person and for working with you at a distance:


In-Person Services:

You may choose to take part in my usual type of Intuitive Counseling sessions, where I utilize muscle testing of your body’s limbs to access your inner wisdom. We are guided by your being’s information, and follow whatever comes up during the session. I also use my intuition and questioning skills to fill out or clarify the information gathered.

You may also choose to experience a “Matrix Energetics” session, in which I access the field of consciousness with all of its many potentials, and immerse your body in that field. We may suggest topics for the energetic field to address, but it is up to the field to address what it deems most necessary. 


Telephone Services:

For many years I have been able to assist people at a distance in identifying what it is that their bodies, minds, and beings want to address so that they can be happier in their bodies and lives. I usually work over the telephone, but have recently been adding in Skype audio sessions.

Since 2009 I have added in “Matrix Energetics” sessions over the telephone or over Skype for people at a distance. I access the field of consciousness that surrounds us all, infuse you with that field, and open to any shifts that seem to be helpful for you. The changes may be noticeable to you immediately, or may affect you and your life gradually over time. These sessions can be set up in different ways, so if you are interested, please contact me.