Nutritional Products

Bodies often request nutritional products to supplement the diet of food and drink that the person ingests, for many foods and drinks are either empty in nutrients or are detrimental to the body’s health.  I have found that most bodies prefer specific nutrients or combinations of a few nutrients; it seems that the multiple supplements that contain so many nutrients make it hard for the body to pick out and utilize just what it needs.  Bodies also tend to prefer liquid supplements or powders taken in a liquid; capsules are generally digested better than pills (unless the digestive tract is working quite well.)  Over the years I have compiled a list of companies and products that have proven successful for my clients, and that are more affordable than many on the market.  Please keep in mind that every body is an individual and has specific needs, so do not take products simply because they are on someone’s list!  Work with a practitioner who seeks out your body’s information, or learn to listen carefully to what your body tells you that it needs.  Most problems and symptoms can be cleared if we pay attention to those quiet messages from within!

Nutritional Products:

The Vitamin Shoppe (carries its own products as well as many nationwide brands, such as the ones listed below):  Barley Grass Juice Powder, BioGreens, Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice (also in capsules), Flax Seed Oil, FloraGlo with Lutein & Bilberry, Pcynogenol, Cordyceps, Mushroom Complex, Reishi Mushroom

Trace Minerals Research:  Electrolyte Stamina Power Paks, Greens Paks, Concentrace Trace Mineral Drops, Ionic Tonic, Liquid MultiVitaMineral, Liquid Vitamin D3 with Concentrace, 40000 Volts, Liquid Ionic Iron with Concentrace, Stress-X Magnesium Powder, Utah Sea Minerals, Kid’s Multi, Natural Rest Plus

Source Naturals: Wellness Formula capsules, Wellness Herbal Resistance Liquid

Solaray: Super Bio-C Buffered, Food Carotene, Maitake Mushroom

Quantum Health: Super Lysine Plus liquid, Super Lysine Plus tablets

Dynamic Health: CamuCamu Juice with Acai and Mangosteen, Goji Juice, Beet Root Juice

New Chapter: Zyflamend, Lifeshield Cordyceps, Lifeshield Immunity, Lifeshield Reishi, TurmericForce

Fungi Perfecti: Host Defense Mycommunity, HD Maitake, HD Cordyceps, HD Reishi, HD Stamets 7, HD Lion’s Mane

Pure Planet/Organic by Nature: Just Barley powder and capsules, Green Kamut powder and capsules, Aktivated Barley powder, Tart Cherry Concentrate

Fig Pep Ltd: Fig Pep liquid

Balanceuticals: Sea Buckthorn Oil capsules

SeaBuck Wonder: Sea Buckthorn Oil capsules

BioPharms: AntiOx Complex liquid and tablets, IPlex liquid and tablets, Stress Release liquid and tablets, Beauty Med tablets, Cell Support tablets

Dr Schulze’s:  Throat & Tonsil Spray, Super Tonic, ECH+, SuperFood Plus, SuperFood Bars, Male Formula, Female Formula, Brain Formula, Nerve Formula, Detox Programs, Air Detox

Heritage Store:  B Complex Liquid, DeTense, Optikade, Formula 208, Formula 545, Formula 637, Passion Flower Fusion, Mother Earth’s Syrup, CoQ-10, Slippery Elm Bark Powder, Sulflax; and numerous oral and skin care products

Boiron homeopathic pills: Oscillococcinum; individual and combination remedies

Similasan homeopathic drops: Dry Eye Relief, Computer Eyes, Allergy Eye Relief, Pink Eye Relief, Stye Eye Relief, Ear Wax Relief, Earache Relief

Boericke & Tafel homeopathic topical ointments: Arniflora Arnica Gel, Califlora Calendula Gel, Florasone Cream, Sports Gel, TriFlora Arthritis Gel


Contact Information:     

The Vitamin Shoppe,, 800.223.1216

Trace Minerals Research,, 800.624.7145  (retailers only) (can be purchased through the websites listed below)

Pure Planet/Organic by Nature,, 800.695.2017 (retailers only)

Fig Pep Ltd,, 847.478.0884

BioPharms,, 800.704.7537 (retailers only)

Dr Schulze’s,, 800.437.2362

Heritage Store,, 800.862.2923


Websites that carry many of these company’s products: