Nutritional Products

I have included a list of nutritional products, contact information, and  websites that have been helpful for many of my clients. Feel free to suggest to me any products that you have also found helpful.


Video Products:

Three classes were presented and recorded in front of live audiences in October, November, and December of 2012. We used the local cable TV stations’ cameras and editing equipment, and learned about timing, lighting, sound, and editing as we went. Now, they are finally online! They are a labor of love by many individuals; and although they are not ‘professional quality’, I am still very proud of each of these videos. They enable you to take a class with me without us being in the same room; and you can stop and start it as many times as you want! In-class practice sessions were edited out of the videos, so make sure to put them on ‘Pause’ to practice in your own time. Click here to see more.