Being LOVE – February 14, 2017

One of the ‘assignments’ given to me by my guidance for my sabbatical from work was to “embody the vibration of LOVE, peace, harmony, and wholeness” (see the prior 2 blogs). I knew I needed to get out of my head, … Continue reading

Expanding LOVE on our Earth

My guides told me that the more each one of us humans chooses to bring the vibration of LOVE into our hearts, minds, bodies, and lives, the more quickly and easily its presence expands all over the Earth.  They asked … Continue reading

The Vibration of LOVE

Last July 2016 I received guidance that stated that “the vibration of LOVE exists everywhere in your universe, and is the only vibration that exists. Your Earth is the exception, on which vibrations other than LOVE are the norm.”  On … Continue reading

“Fluoride: Poison On Tap”

The following link is to the excellent documentary, “Fluoride: Poison on Tap”. It is a recent film, about the many health issues relating to the fluoridation of city water, toothpastes, mouthwashes, medications, infant bottled water, and even foods. Here is … Continue reading

Group Singing

When I was young, singing was an important part of my life.  My mother would sing around the house, the family would sing together at meal-time prayers, and the church we attended included many opportunities for singing.  We children were … Continue reading

Message from White Birch Trees

The other day I was driving north to spend time with my grown children for a late Thanksgiving visit.  It was a beautiful day, and I was enjoying the glory of the blue skies and sunlight reflecting off of the … Continue reading

Appreciation and Gratitude

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  Our society has twisted all of the holy days and special days off from work in the interests of commercialism; even Thanksgiving has become co-opted by football and rituals of excessive eating.  At its roots, … Continue reading